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What is SEO And Functions and Benefits of SEO?

What is SEO? This question will haunt you to continue the learning refill toner Blog. How come? You will continue to see that word at the time of learning and learning SEO Blog on blog How’s shane. His reason? The first, the blog who does not want to be loved by Google, a giant information machine in the world? The second, with like by Google, of course, the fate of your online business will be even brighter. And the third reason, Blog How shane is a personal blog about learning to blog and seo, so it feels less afdol if this blog does not talk about what SEO. Yuk need not linger longer, we just pillowcase into three sections: What is SEO, Functions and Benefits of SEO?

What is SEO And Functions and Benefits of SEO?

What is SEO ?

SEO is one of the words entered in the list of important terms in Blogs and Blogging. SEO stands for his is Search Engine Optimization. SEO meaning if translated into Indonesian ie search engine optimization. Thus, the definition or understanding SEO is a process to bring visitors through Search Engine by entering the keyword in the search engines. So, by doing SEO techniques, most blog visitors coming from search engines. For example, when you are connected to the Internet, search engine Google (Google.co.id), you type-kan “Learn SEO” and press the Enter key or click the search button. What about the SERP’s in the first page (Page One)? Is Your Blog or Website is one of the entries in the Google search engine? If not, then you still need to learn SEO like me. The point of learning SEO is to understand how search engines work mechanism or algorithms of the search engines. Both search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, ASK, and many other search engines. However, the overall discussion on Blog How shane, default I use is the Google Search Engine. Is the reason, for this moment Search Engine, Google is still the best and most users.


SEO Functions

Good SEO techniques, when applied in a blog or web (website) will certainly have a positive impact also on the blog. Since the function of SEO is easier for search engines to index the web page / blog. Where later webpage / blog, will be recorded in the database search engine, which will then be displayed when visitors are looking for information that is in our blog. In essence, the function of SEO for Blog is to get closer to our blog by search engines. So the blog will be good (friendly) in the eyes of search engines.

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of SEO for Business Website Company In the world of business especially online business, some people may use a lot of advertising media as a promotional tool to bring visitors. Where you are required to pay for the cost of the advertisement in accordance with the provisions. Now, another story when you use SEO techniques. You do not need to pay any money to bring visitors to the blog (blog visitors). All you do is to “Learn SEO” and apply SEO Tips and Tricks in the blog. With the use of SEO to attract visitors and even increase the number of visitors (traffic) from time to time without having to spend money. Because you will do is search engine optimization. Later, a search engine is what will bring the end to our blog. Essentially, SEO is very beneficial for business with minimal capital or to bloggers like me.

Overall I can conclude that SEO is search engine optimization. Where the function itself is more to SEO SEO purposes, namely good blog search engines’ eyes, so it has a great chance for page one (first page) in the search results (SERP). While the benefits of SEO itself more to the impact or effect of Kursus Website and SEO techniques that we apply. So, use SEO techniques are healthy when the website or blog you want to secure.

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